Monday, December 10, 2018

100+ Valentine wishes for wife

Valentine day is for true love many married husbands want to wish wife with a good message with a good gift.

happy valentine day 2019 wish to wife


You are my love and you brought lots of joy and happiness. Let’s journey together with love affection and passion. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Text Messages for Couples

May this Valentine’s Day bring lots of romance and love in your life. Celebrate this festival of love with togetherness and passion. Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Message for New Relationship

A new romance, a newly blossomed flower and new hope in life are always pleased to welcome. Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with new hopes of joy and happiness.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Message for the Pregnant wife

“You came into my words and made my life beautiful. Let’s create a beautiful world together for our new family member. Love you as ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
“Love inspires me to live life with you as we were meant to with passion, romance, and intimacy. Happy Valentine’s Day.”
1). Dear wife, you are my life and my motivation because everything that I do, you are the inspiration and the reason behind it…. You are my support and my strength… wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day… I will make sure that you remember this day forever!!!

2). I am so happy and blessed to have you as my valentine for life…. you are the most beautiful flower that will always bloom in my heart and spread its fragrance in my life forever… You are the answer to all my prayers… With lots of love, wish you Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.

3). You, my darling wife are not just my soul mate but also my dearest friend and partner in everything I do…. Thanks for making my life so beautiful and wonderful with your presence… Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day my darling wife…. You are my world!!!

4). You are my valentine darling but this deal is not just for this year but for all the years of our lives and I promise to make every year a more wonderful Valentine’s Day for you with my love, affection and of course presents… Warm wishes to you on Valentine’s Day my wife.

5). Your love, your care, your affection and your love for me makes me a better and a stronger person… I promise to keep you happy and smiling not just on Valentine’s Day but on every day of this year and various upcoming years of our life…. With love, Happy Valentine’s Day 2019.

6). Dear wife, I wish you a happy valentine’s day. Today I cherish your companionship and the love we have shared over the years in a beautiful surprise dinner for both.

7). Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet wife. Let this day be one of the best celebrations of our love as we treasure deep together moments shared over the years.

8). Through this text, I wish my dearest wife a happy Valentine’s Day. I send a gorgeous dress for you for the celebration in the evening and hope you would love it.

9). Your love has made this life a loveable journey and I wish you a happy valentine’s day with all my love for you. On this special day, let us celebrate in a grand way all the memories we created.

10). Wishing my wife a happy Valentine’s Day through this text. Our relationship has what it called the spark to carry on forever together and I celebrate that loving spark between us in a memorable way.

11). This text carries my love and happy Valentine’s Day for my darling wife. I also send gifts for you to celebrate the day and I pray to Lord to bless us with more loving moments of togetherness.

12) I don't know what would I do without you in my life. Your eyes, your smile and the way you look at me makes me feel like I am living a sweet dream. I don't want to even imagine living a single moment without you. I'm so much in love with you my dearest wife.

13).I am afraid of death not because I fear death itself. I am afraid of death because I know that even the heavens cannot be as beautiful as you. I love you my dear wife!

14) If life with you is so beautiful and heavenly, I might be disappointed with what the heavens have to offer later! Thanks for making every day of my life a joy to live. I love you.

15) Your love is food for my heart, mind and soul without which I cannot survive a single second. You know my heart beats for you and only you. My darling wife, I love you.


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